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GENKI-KAI FACEBOOK GROUP!: You can go here for more pictures, video, networking, and discussion board.

MIDLAND KI FEDERATION- Our regional Ki Society affiliation.

Austin Ki-Aikidō Center - MKF dojo in Austin, TX.

Australia Ki Society - You can also go here for an up-to-date directory of Ki-Aikidō dojos.

Blue Ridge Ki Society - MKF dojo in Charlottesville, VA.

Chicago Ki Society - in Evanston, IL.

Genki-Kai Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō Club- MKF dojo at the University of Chicago.

Kansas Ki Society - MKF dojo in Lawrence, KS.

Kingston Ki Society - MKF dojo in Kingston, ON (Canada).

Midland Ki Society - MKF dojo in Merriam, KS.

New Jersey Ki Society - Home of the "Secrets of Aikidō Online".

Northern California Ki Society - in the Bay Area, CA.

Northwest Martial Arts - MKF affiliate in Seattle, WA.

University of Pennsylvania Ki-Aikidō Club- Hal Abramson Sensei's dojo.

Rocky Mountain Ki Society  - MKF dojo network in Colorado.

St. Louis Ki Society - MKF dojo in St. Louis, MO.

Toronto Ki Society- MKF dojo in Toronto, ON (Canada).

University of Chicago Aikidō Club - ASU (Aikikai) affiliate.

Winnipeg Ki-Aikidō - MKF dojo in Winnipeg, MB (Canada)


Aikidō Journal - An erudite online publication with an encyclopedia of Aikidō.

Ichikukai Misogi Dōjō - The place where Tōhei Sensei trained sixty times.

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