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The University of Chicago Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō Club (Genki-Kai) is a Recognized Club at the University of Chicago since 2002. Its membership consists of persons affiliated with the University of Chicago. Its mission is to provide training in the arts of Ki to the University of Chicago community. These consist of Ki-Aikidō, and Ki Development, as formulated by Kōichi Tōhei Sōshu, Founder of the Ki Society.

Here is a video of our Club during the Autumn 2011 Seminar with MKF Chief Instructor, Kashiwaya Kōichi Sensei. You can check out our Facebook page here and this video from Northern California Ki Society. Our Club was recently featured in this article about the top 20 healthiest colleges in the USA.

The University of Chicago Ki-Aikidō Club is affiliated with the Midland Ki Federation, headed by Kashiwaya Kōichi Sensei, Chief Instructor of Midland Ki Federation and Head of Ki-Aikidō USA. Here is a recent documentary clip about Kashiwaya Sensei and Ki-Aikidō, artfully made in Brazil (part of Midland Ki Federation!).

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