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Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō

Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō is a refined form of the Japanese martial art of Aikidō. It was developed by Tōhei Kōichi Sōshu, Founder of the Ki no Kenkyu Kai (Ki Society). Tōhei Sensei was a top disciple of the founder of Aikidō, Ueshiba Morihei Sensei. Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō, which means "Aikidō with Mind and Body Unified", is also called Ki-Aikidō.

Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō
embodies the essence of Japanese budō. It is a modern martial art with roots in the ancient martial arts and esoteric disciplines of Japan, and is a way to understand and become one with Ki. It can also be applied effectively for personal safety and defense, and is a way to develop optimal physical and mental health. The principles of Shin Shin To Itsu Aikidō are applicable in all circumstances.

Training at the University of Chicago Ki-Aikidō Club (Genki-Kai) includes unarmed arts, weapons arts, and a form of training called Taigi. Members of our Club train in Ki-Aikidō and Ki Development, or Shin Shin Tōitsu Dō. We experience this unique training first hand in our Dōjō.

Video Clip: KASHIWAYA SENSEI in 1974 short clip called "Kaiten".

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