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Weapons Arts

We use bokken, , and tantō, to refine and deepen our training. We experience this curriculum first hand in our Dōjō.

Video Clip: KASHIWAYA SENSEI performs Jō Gi #1.

Video Clip: KASHIWAYA SENSEI performs Jō Dori and Jō Nage arts.

*Though using live blades is not part of Ki Society's training curriculum, here are some clips of Kashiwaya Sensei applying the principles of Mind and Body Coordination to cutting straw targets with a live blade. Advanced students of Kashiwaya Sensei are able to study live sword arts, or Ki Kenpō, with him.

Video Clip: KASHIWAYA SENSEI cuts various targets with shinken (live blade).

Video Clip: KASHIWAYA SENSEI performs tameshigiri with naginata (Japanese halberd).

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