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  • Kashiwaya Kōichi Sensei, 8th Dan Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō, Okuden Shin Shin Tōitsudō, is one of the very few full-time Aikidō professionals in the United States. He travels extensively, teaching on behalf of Ki Society Headquarters (Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō Kai), Midland Ki Federation (MKF), and other groups throughout the world.  A major emphasis in his teaching is the development of the next generation of instructors and leaders for MKF and Ki Society. Kashiwaya Sensei’s official positions include Ki Society International’s Advisor for North America, official Ki Society Headquarters Instructor (Sōhombu Shihan) and Chief Instructor and founder of MKF, a group of 27 dojo’s across the USA, Canada and Brazil.   He also works to support Ki Society International efforts in Australia, the Philippines and Thailand.  He is based in Seattle, but travels twice a year through Midland Ki Federation dōjō to ensure the highest training and teaching standards. He is the top Shin Shin Tō Itsu Aikidō Shihan (master teacher) in the continental United States. He was uchi-deshi (close personal disciple) to Tōhei Sensei in Japan.  He teaches two weekend seminars per year at the University of Chicago Ki-Aikidō Club (Genki Kai), in the Fall and Spring Quarters.

  • John Eley Sensei, 6th Dan Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō, Jōden Shin Shin Tōitsu, is the Chief Instructor of Chicago Ki Society, and has 50 years of training in Aikidō. He is the most senior practitioner of Aikidō in the Chicago area. He was a student of Tōhei Kōichi Sensei in the 1960s, and was instrumental in bringing Tōhei Sensei to the continental United States. He founded the original University of Chicago Aikidō Club over 30 years ago, and teaches special classes  frequently at the University of Chicago Ki-Aikidō Club (Genki Kai).
Our Club Instructor:

  • Kağan Arık, 4th Dan Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō, Chuden Shin Shin Tōitsu, is the Lead Instructor of the University of Chicago Ki-Aikidō Club (Genki Kai). He began Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō training in 1985 with Hal Abramson Sensei, studied under Kashiwaya Sensei since 1991, and has instructed Ki-Aikidō since 1990. He is certified as Assistant Ki Lecturer and Examiner for Ki Society.

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